Hi, I'm Jennifer...

I am an imperfect, and gratefully redeemed daughter of the King of Kings.  I have been blessed with a faithful and loving husband of almost 18 years along with our blended family of four adult children, several "adopted" loves and six grandchildren so far (my favorite little people call me Nana)❤ 

Now a Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and a registered nurse with background in cardiac, critical care, chronic disease, and case management ~ I knew at a young age that my occupation would involve helping and serving others. As a spouse, mother, and grandmother in a blended family, I care deeply for the health of families and children.


~ My passion for children and their long-term health drives my focus with families because I believe our children deserve the best we have - including optimal health and wellbeing. With a focus on lifestyle, movement, attitude, and nutrition, I help parents develop, plan, and implement systems and behavior modifications for the family to achieve long-lasting health and wellness consistent with their values.


~I help beautifully created Christian women, especially those in recovery, reignite their lives by transforming their beliefs, understanding, health and wellness so they are emboldened to bear witness to the amazing power within them and live in the freedom they were created for ~ impacting their families, future generations, and those they love. 


Why am I so passionate to help these particular women transform their lives?  Because I am one among them and I have been gifted with the life experience, education, and calling to walk alongside them. Our traumas, our experiences, and the world’s clamoring rhetoric have had enough say in who we think we should be or who we become.  Now is the time to stand up in our faith and take the courage we’ve been endowed with to re-write our stories. 

The Lord cares deeply about us.  He said He came that we would have life, and have it abundantly! (John 10:10)


As a health care professional with an amazing family and a now thriving marriage, you may be tempted to think I’m just one of those lucky people who “have it all together”.  The truth is that like so many others ~ dysfunction, trauma and abuse in my early years led me to years of self-destructive behaviors including utter disregard for my health and well-being, addiction, and false beliefs about my value and identity. It is only by God’s grace have I recovered and seen these areas formed into a mosaic of testimony and transformational beauty in soul, health and wellness which I’m called to share today. 


I’ve stepped away from the medical model of sick-care to truly embrace full-spectrum, whole-person care and healing ~ creating New Day Health & Wellness and New Day Women because I believe wellness is so much more than health, that health is so much more than size and numbers. I believe we were created to have abundant life, and that each and every day is a brand new opportunity to seize the abundant life available to each of us. 

🖤 If you are  a parent or caretaker concerned about the health and wellness of your family, your children ~ and you are looking for a caring, expert health professional to walk alongside you in creating lasting health and wellness for yourself and future generations, please contact me here


🖤 If you are a Christian woman who’s recovered from so much looking for solid scientific information and a new way to see yourself, your health, and your wellness ~ through God’s eyes ~  and you are ready to take the next courageous step, I would love to connect with you inside the amazing New Day Women community!


In Love, Health & Wellness, 

Coach Jen🖤