What is a health coach and why should you have one?

Coaching is an art. It’s a positive, collaborative process for change – looking beyond problem thinking to solution focus.

Which ever area of health you are interested in exploring or improving, working with a health coach is a unique partnership that dramatically increases your success in achieving your vision of the best you!

When you work with Jennifer as your coach, you have someone with expertise to listen deeply and help guide you on your journey.  When people want to explore new and exciting places, they hire a guide -not only to help steer them away from danger, but to guide them through the journey so they get all the best experiences!  A good guide finds out what is most important to you and then stays with you through the whole adventure! 

Working with Jennifer as your health coach, you get someone to help you draw on your unique experience, attributes, and strengths -  discovering what works best for you in creating the health you want for you and your family.

Get started today and move toward your best tomorrows!

Check out available services, book your free consultation, or contact Jennifer with any questions! 

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Jennifer is a certified health coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.  She is also a registered nurse with experience in cardiac, critical care, chronic disease, and case management. With a whole-person approach to health and wellness, her passion is pulling together her wealth of experience to help people just like you become fully whole and healthy, 

Her loves and interests include being a wife, mother, and grandmother of six - summers at the lake or in the garden, homemaking, cooking, reading, singing, painting,  and more.  Knowing there is more to health than just medicine and food, more to life than just fitness programs and fads,  Jennifer felt a calling to open New Day Health & Wellness™ to serve and walk alongside people looking to be their best selves and leave a healthy legacy for the next generation.